Conventional or Tank Water Heaters still remain the most common water heater

Lower installation cost
Lower gas/power requirements
Can hook up to re-circulation/ Solar

Contstant energy use 2/7 365
High environmental footprint
Limited hot water supply
More Space Consumption

If you are looking to install tank water heater in Sacramento then there are some benefits you can look forward to. A conventional or tank water heater will cost anywhere from $300-$500 and will use anywhere from $100 - $200 in gas/ or propane a year. A tank water heater will last you anywhere from 10 - 13 years, which means that you will eventually have to replace the water heater with either a tank water heater or a tankless water heater.

One of the other benefits of a tank water heater is that you can turn it up or down depending on if you are going to use or not use the water. The down side to turning up or down, and especially down is that a tank water heater once turned off will need to heat all the way back up once turned back up. Turning your tank water heater off or down will cost you more money in fuel or electricity when turning it back up. Look into a tankless water heater if you do not want to replace a tank every 10 years.

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