Harris plumbing is a certified dealer of Electric Tankless Water Heaters in Sacramento. We have been in the industry for years and are dedicated to finding you the perfect water heater at a fraction of the cost that other plumbers offer. Being that we are only a water heater company, we have manufacturers prices that other plumbers cannot get. If you are looking for an Electric Tankless Water Heaters in Sacramento then we have all the styles, options and deigns you will find. The Electric Tankless Water Heaters we offer maintain a precise output of water temperature as selected and programmed by the controller.

Electric Tankless Water Heaters Benefits

Unlimited hot water
Save up to 50% on your water and electricity bills
Sleek and compact design
Longer life expectancy
Less likely hard water
Less sediment and Less mineral problems

Personal: We are committed to quality relationships and to treat everyone with respect.
Service: We strive for quality, innovation, value and exceeding customer satisfaction.
Integrity: We work with honesty, dignity and high work ethics.

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