Mounting an indoor tankless water heater may save up space in the house

When looking into a tankless water heater you have almost every option to choose from. Indoor Tankless Water heaters are great because the free up so much space in you home. There are many different styles and designs of tankless water heaters, however some of the models are not designed for outside mounts. If you are dealing with an un-experienced plumber or water heater company they may not have mounts available for outside. At Harris plumbing we are proud to offer indoor tankless water heater options. 

You have many options for indoor mounts with Harris plumbing: 

Natural Gas Tankless
Propane Tankless
Electric Tankless

These indoor units all have saved many sections of Sacramento homes from dead space tyo usable space. Harris plumbing of Sacramento will also ensure that the area of installation is as usable as possible.

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